& AI scan

We will identify the most impactful Data & AI opportunities for your organization.

We will assess the data maturity and come up with a roadmap to develop and productionalize the most promising Data & AI solutions.

Is it worthwhile to invest in AI for our organization? And if so, which type of Data & AI solution should we build? These type of questions are typically the first ones which organizations raise when thinking about AI. And for good reason.

It is not always obvious which Data & AI solutions can solve your business needs, which ones make the most impact and which are feasible to implement and to maintain. Therefore we often start a project with a short ‘Data & AI opportunity finding’ phase. In this phase we will identify the biggest opportunities for your organization in the field of Data & AI. We pay attention to both (financial) impact of the opportunities and the practical feasibility to implement the solution.

This entails assessing the maturity of your data, the data architecture and the (technical) way of working of the organization.